bleach-originalEco Cleaning Services (ECS) offers a distinct ecological approach with a complete cleaning and waste management alternative, supporting sustainable development for the future while providing a healthier environment for today.

Es Eco Cleaning Service is committed to the environment and health friendly.

We ensure that  efficient products are used at a right amount .we use safety  and eco – friendly products which keeps your surrounding clean with a less toxic cleaning agents or products which will keep your staff dust and germ free in a healthier manner.

We use exclusively green cleaning products, energy efficient vacuum cleaners and steam mops and reusable microfiber cleaning cloths.

Our cleaning cloths help give you an extra clean office while using fewer resources and sending less to the landfill. Ordinary disposable cloths wind up in the landfill, but ours are used indefinitely.

We use exclusively Green Work cleaning fluids. They are made without petroleum byproducts or artificial scents. They are great for people with allergies as well as pets and small children.

Chemical Free Cleaning

This is something to really think about especially if you have people in your home who suffer from allergies, or you have small children that spend their time crawling about on the floor. Detergents contain all sorts of ingredients that can be a potential threat and even if you do rinse your floor, there will be residue left behind.

bissell-green-tea-mop2 bissell-green-tea-mop4 bissell-green-tea-mop1

This steam mop doesn’t need any of that. It just uses a really hot blast of steam to get right into the crevices of your floors. It will also help to loosen and remove dirt as well as kill off many forms of bacteria that lurk on your floors, and all without the need for chemicals. The machines utilize microfiber mop pads, and of course, if you require the use of specific chemicals or fragrances for your particular business (some businesses have specific cleaning requirements to keep to code), just let us know and we’ll provide the necessary materials to match your preference.

Material Safety Data Sheet