About Us

Es Eco Cleaning Service offers professional cleaning services to businesses in the New York City metro area. Our goal is to make your facility a pristine environment for business. Leaving the cleaning to us will be one less thing your company will have to worry about and will allow your employees to increase their productivity.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, New York businesses have many options. However, no service offers quality results as high as Es Eco Cleaning & Janitorial Services. By using Es Eco you can not only save money, but increase your profit margin by allowing consumers to be solely focused on your products and not the smudges on the glass.

Established at the turn of the 21st Century, Eco Cleaning Services is 100% New York owned and operated. We are a complete commercial cleaning provider specializing in tailored cleaning schedules, recycling strategies, hard floor care, carpet cleaning, flood management, upholstery cleaning, workstation sanitization and low level maintenance requirements.

We pride ourselves on our ecological/economical alternative, our commitment to a consistently high level of service, a secure culture and our innovative approach. We are committed to this industry and you as our customer can expect a better standard of service.

Where Do We Clean?

NYC businesses of all types can benefit from using Es Eco commercial cleaning services. Our staff is experienced in cleaning office buildings, auto dealerships and retail stores. Every person deserves to relax while eating a delicious meal.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, hence attending service at a church, synagogue, mosque or one of the many other spiritual facilities in New York City, worshippers need not be conscious about their surroundings rather dedicate and devote totally praying God as we absorb all the activities to keep up the best ambience required.

We offer services to schools where thousands of students study, play and eat in the same premise makes it mandatory for the school authorities to keep kids safe from germs and healthy throughout the school year.

“Health is wealth”, so hospitals and health centers benefit highly from our top-of-the-line commercial cleaning.

Thus making New York a better place to live, eat, play, work and worship.


How Do We Clean?

Es Eco commercial cleaning service, NYC renders end to end cleaning service covering nook and the corner of every facility. Our staff is trained to take care of the simplest of tasks such as emptying trash receptacles, replacing garbage bags, vacuum carpeting and mopping the floors etc. in the most efficient and professional manner. We spare no expense and don’t believe in “cutting corners” by only using rewashed rags for everything like other companies. We use the right tools for the job, even if it means we have to spend a little more to make it happen because we value our quality and your satisfaction more than anything.

Glass windows and porcelain restroom fixtures are cleaned until they are spotless and sparkling. The often-forgotten window blinds are also dusted to let in the free and fresh flow of air and to avoid build up of potentially harmful aerial bacteria. Additionally, Es Eco specializes in work including cleaning and dusting air vents, yet another common area for moldy buildup.


Does Es Eco Have Any Speciality Services?

Es Eco offers many services at special request with a low extra cost. For facilities that require the removal of mildew or other grout stains, tough machines and power washing services are used to get the unwanted materials off.

While window cleaning is part of the standard package, one can sign up for our deluxe window washing which includes exteriors, especially for larger business complexes, for the best view of the New York skyline.