General services

Empty all trash receptacles:

Our staff is very efficient and systematic in their work. We will help you keep your surroundings clean and tidy and empty all the trash receptacles regularly as and when it is over loaded. We will render all our services with utmost care and dedication.

Clean and sanitize restroom fixtures:

We ensure we have the right tools and sufficient amount of staff to keep your restrooms clean and sanitized. We also have all the essential tools and a proper procedure to maintain, by keeping the look, feel and smell of your restrooms clean.

Dust and polish furniture:

We dust furniture on a regular basis and keep them dust free and polish as and when needed. We have all kinds of tools to maintain different materials and furniture. Our staff is trained in cleaning the minutest of the details such as fingerprints, grease, smudges and other smears.


Dust window blinds and horizontal surfaces on a regular basis:

We do regular dusting and periodic cleaning. We have a well experienced team who are resourceful and devoted. They are trained to clean all types of windows panes, blinds and fixtures. Our team helps you not only maintaining them but also change the blinds or curtains on a regular basis. It will make you feel at home while in office.


Vacuum all carpeting and spot clean:

Carpet is one of the most undervalued and under invested assets you will own. Regular maintenance is essential to preserving the life of the carpet and preventing premature replacement. Carpet acts like a filter and holds contaminants that can cause indoor air pollution. Thus vacuuming it regularly is really essential and it’s a time consuming process. Our team does a fine job ensuring all your carpets are spot clean and have a great longevity.


Sweep and Mop any tile or hard flooring:

Each flooring has a different way of moping and sweeping, our staff is well experienced and trained for the same. Different flooring be it tile, marble, wood, vinyl or concrete have its own method of handling them. We here sweep and mop them regularly and keep them as free and new as it is for a longer period of time with simplified and effective techniques.


Clean glasses and interiors:

A clean glass affects the way people see you and you look at the world. Our staff cuts through tough dirt and filmy residue and keep it dust free and strain free and make it shine. We don’t leave any edge untouched.


Clean Kitchen/Break Room fixtures and appliances:

Keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic is the most essential thing in any firm which will keep the food clean and the employees healthy. We have one of the best team which helps you keep your food, surroundings clean at its best. We not only help you keep the kitchen but the break room and other appliances dust free and tidy.


Dust air vents and ceiling fans:

When you’re dealing with air vents the dust is propelled into the room and the excessive dust makes your cooling and heating system work harder and therefore costs you money. We have one of the best teams which clean the air vents with proper tools with utmost care and make it work efficient with greater durability.


Special services:


Power Washing:

Our team of trained professionals provide a complete range of power washing, pressure cleaning and exterior restoration services to residential home owners and commercial businesses throughout the area.

We use only the highest quality products and modern professional equipment to ensure you receive the most efficient and long lasting cleaning results.


Window Washing:

If you are looking for a regular and efficient cleaning services, you can vouch on us for the same. We ensure superior service to all our customers. We handle both residential and commercial services.

We have all kinds of window cleaning tools and access which help us clean spots that cannot be cleaned otherwise on a normal basis.


Carpet Shampoo:

We have highly sophisticated and tough equipment used for shampooing by which we can help you do periodic service.

Over shampooing or inadequate rinsing can spoil the carpet. We have a highly professional team which can help you take care of your cleaning with utmost care. To prolong the life of your carpet soil should be kept to an absolute minimum by regular carpet care.


Green Cleaning:

Eco Cleaning Services (ECS) offers a distinct ecological approach with a complete cleaning and waste management alternative, supporting sustainable development for the future while providing a healthier environment for today.

We ensure efficient products are used at a right amount .we use safe and eco – friendly products which keeps your surrounding clean with a less toxic cleaning agents or products which will keep your staff dust and germ free in a healthier manner.



Our cleaning services extend to all kinds of New York City businesses, such as:

Office Buildings

Schools/Day Care Centers

Fitness Centers

Churches/Places of Worship


Auto Dealerships

Medical Facilities

Retail Stores